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Дана вакансія втратила актуальність 10 Жовтня 2012 р.
Дані наведені виключно в ознайомлювальних цілях. Контактна інформація прихована та допоміжні функції вимкнені


Web Developer

1 500 грн.

Компанія: GroupDocs Переглянути усі вакансії компанії
Контактна особа: Recruiter
Місто (регіон): Усі регіони
Освіта: Вища
Досвід: 3 р.
Зайнятість: Повна
Наявність авто: Не важливо

Основна інформація:

GroupDocs, a member of the Aspose group of
companies (www.aspose.com), is now looking
for a multi-language Web Developer to join
its team.

Help grow our Marketplace Development
team, build, extend and create our
platform and provide integrations and
plugins for the most popular Web 2.0
platforms like Joomla, Wordpress, Umbraco,
Google, Blogger, Facebook etc.

This is a role that requires a dynamic
individual that is keen to learn and
master new technologies quickly and
efficiently, a real chance to get
experience in the most popular
technologies on the web today.

Join over 250 staff working in many
different countries, be part of one of the
most forward thinking and talented
organisations on the planet. Work in a
distributed work environment where all
staff work from home. We pride ourselves
on offering our staff great flexibility
and also great rewards in return for great
effort and enthusiasm.

Technical Skills
• Be a strong developer, good
communicator and fast learner.
• 3+ Years core technical experience
in at least two of the following: .NET,
Ruby, PHP, Python or Java.
• Hands-on experience using REST
based APIs.
• Experience in Javascript, JQuery,
HTML, HTML5, CSS3 is also required.
• Any experience of Twitter
Bootstrap will be a plus (but not
• Previous Experience interfacing
with popular Web Platforms such a
Salesforce, Amazon S3, Heroku, Wordpress,
Dropbox, Joomla is an advantage.
• Should be comfortable working with
Databases like SQL Server, MySQL and
• General ability and willingness
adapt to work on any platform which is
being targeted by your team including
different technologies, languages and web
platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter,
Salesforce, etc.).
• Hands-on experience with unit
testing and TDD.
• Any experience of SVN, Github and
NuGet (but not essential).

Skills Required
PHP , HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, SalesForce,
ruby-on-rails, python, node.js, ruby,
java, C#/.NET.

General Requirements
• Excellent written and verbal
English communication skills.
• A strong team player with good
interpersonal skills and willingness to
• Should be self-disciplined, pro-
active, self-motivated and responsible.
• Able to work independently with
minimum supervision.

Benefits include
• Competitive salary with 6 monthly
performance/bonus reviews.
• Work with an inspiring team, learn
from the best talent on the planet.
• Potential to grow into a Team
Leader, build and run your own team within
our company.
• Work from home, 100% teleworking.
• Long term engagement, which should
last many years for the right candidate.

Додаткова інфoрмація:

If you are interested in this position,
please send your CV specifying your salary
expectations in USD dollars for a full-time
position per month to this e-mail:


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Дана вакансія втратила актуальність 10 Жовтня 2012 р.
Дані наведені виключно в ознайомлювальних цілях. Контактна інформація прихована та допоміжні функції вимкнені



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